Rails and RubyZip – Create zip file and download using send_file

def make_zip

# Path where your pdfs are situated (‘my_pdf’ is folder with pdfs)
folder = “#{Rails.root}/public/my_pdfs”
input_filenames = Dir.entries(“#{Rails.root}/public/my_pdfs”).select {|f| !File.directory? f}

zipfile_name = “#{Rails.root}/public/myfirstzipfile.zip”

Zip::File.open(zipfile_name, Zip::File::CREATE) do |zipfile|
input_filenames.each do |filename|
# Two arguments:
# – The name of the file as it will appear in the archive
# – The original file, including the path to find it
zipfile.add(filename,  File.join(folder, filename))
zipfile.get_output_stream(“success”) { |os| os.write “All done successfully” }
send_file(File.join(“#{Rails.root}/public/”, ‘myfirstzipfile.zip’), :type => ‘application/zip’, :filename => “#{Time.now.to_date}.zip”)
# Remove content from ‘my_pdfs’ folder if you want



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